Video Analytics Report

I was privileged to attend the ECR Video in Retail event in January 2020 and I also joined the webinar to introduce the report findings in June 2020.


I thought the physical event over 2 days was very effective in highlighting the positive results that can be achieved by Video Technology (VT), whilst identifying some shortcoming in delivery vs expectations. Overall, the impression I gained from the attendees over the 2 days was a very positive one and the desire to explore the potential for VT was apparent.


The webinar in my view had a less positive feel to it and to quote the report, the tone was nearer the “Trough of Disillusionment” than the “Peak of Expectation” with the current implementation and failings of VT the overriding theme of the webinar.


As my experience of VT is exceptionally positive, as both an end-user for 6 years and as an advisor to a leading VT solution provider for the last year, I wanted to provide some personal thoughts now that I have had the opportunity to read and digest the report findings.


The report is exceptionally comprehensive and detailed, and I have not attempted to comment on every aspect, but to focus on the elements of VT that I believe do work effectively if implemented correctly and persevered with. 


The report identifies 4 modes of use and I would comment as follows where I have experience of each mode, with the report definition of each mode included.


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